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  • Market studies
  • Opinion polls
  • Customer satisfaction analysis

Domenii in care poti folosi
Total Survey

Client satisfaction

Afla cat de multumiti sunt clientii de serviciile si/sau produsele tale ( tratarea reclamatiilor )

Human resources

Evaluate employees objectively and keep only those with positive references

Political studies

Poti realiza sondaje politice pe email sau cu operatori pe teren direct in aplicatie

Town halls and governmental institutions

Managers of public institutions are obliged to measure the quality of services provided to citizens

Hoteluri, magazine si restaurante

Feedback from customers is especially important for any business, especially for those in the HORECA field.

Market and product studies

Perform product and company analyzes automatically and at very low costs


You can measure and compare the attitude of doctors, patients and family members


It carries out interactive courses and gives standardized and automated exams

Types of surveys and market studies

Surveys and market studies by email

Address a wide audience in just a few minutes. You create a questionnaire, and then with a few clicks you import the email database. You can send as many emails as you want!

Complex surveys and market studies

Do you have several departments and want to compare them? Do you have several market studies and opinion polls and want to compare them? With this mod you can do it!

Surveys and market studies on the web and in social networks

Do you want to build a survey on your website or broadcast it on social networks? With this module you can create a secure link that you can then publish anywhere you want!

Surveys and market studies with field operators

Do you want to conduct a market survey with your own operators in the field, in shops or restaurants? Using this module, the operators in the field carry out the market study or the opinion survey directly in the application on the phone or tablet, and you see in real time the location where they filled out the questionnaires and the research results!

Construction of the Survey

Build a questionnaire using over 50 types of questions and answers!

Don't know what to write in your questionnaire? You can use more than 50 models offered by us!

Do you want to take exams online? The application automatically calculates your grades and can send them to the students!

Artificial intelligence tells you when you can trust a survey or not!

In the case of questions with special answers, you can be notified in case of a serious answer

The application is optimized for any device (phone, tablet, desktop)

3D reports

Vertical graph

Horizontal graph

Grafic pizza

Donut graph

Filtering results through artificial intelligence

Do you want to know if the answers received are valid? Through artificial intelligence, the application filters unreliable answers from reliable ones, and gives you a confidence score for your survey or market study

Monitoring of field operators

Using geo-location, the application tells you the exact place where a questionnaire was completed! Thus, no field operator can deceive you that he completed the questionnaire in the indicated place, and in reality he completed it at the bar.




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